How PodMiners is solving existing industry problems?

Podcast industry is growing every year, but some major areas demands attention. Advertisement fraud, intermediators, security, fake remarking etc are few major challenges in front of podcast industry. Though blockchain technology can change the scenario but it is not widely adopted till date.



PodMiners provides a provision to auto publish the content across multiple platforms. It will increase the chances of discoverability of your content.



By enabling the in show advertisement model, PodMiners will allow ecosystem users to monetize their content globally subjected to the terms and conditions.

Fake Reviews

Fake Reviews

Random fake reviews hurts the reputation. At PodMiners, chances of fake reviews will be reduced. People who actually have consumed the paid content will be able to review the content creators.


On-Time Payments

Blockchain smart contract implementation is making PodMiners a fair and open platform for all that allows creators to get paid instantly on meeting certain requirements.


Ad Frauds

The automated bots has already lead to the ad frauds. PodMiners is working to make a difference by creating a bridge for its consumers and advertisers.



Blockchain makes PodMiners, a highly secure and transparent system with improved efficiency in various processes. This blockchain based platform will provide secure medium for the publishers.



Creators will be able to get micropayments from consumers in the form of monthly subscription for their show or a small amount to download a selected episode.

PodMiners, by implementing blockchain technology, is ready to revolutionize the podcasting industry.