4 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Podcast

Published: 14 March 2019

With the growth of digital media, it is believed that radio broadcasting and podcasting industry is no able to long-hold on to its listeners. But according to the Edison Research in 2017, the podcasting industry is rising from last few years in America. There's a monthly growth of 21% to 24% listeners. Most of the audience lies between the age group of 18-54.

The most popular podcasts fall under the category business, news or self-help. They have become the source of knowledge for listeners. The industry leaders and experts take a huge interest in podcasts. It is because podcasts provide their audience with a unique experience to provide valuable and in-depth information.

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity. We are here with the reasons why you should jump on board?

1. Connect with successful people

Launching an interview format podcast will help you connect with all those guests you'll be chasing to join your show. The more successful people you have around, from your industry, people will find you closer to them and their success.

If we talk about a successful podcast, there are very rare chances that it is scripted or need many alterations. When we have unlimited choices for the majority of our buying choices, trust is the basic element to build brand loyalty. Podcasts or videos are the fastest ways to build connection and trust between a host and public.

2. Tune to your favorite podcast- anytime, anywhere!

In a world full of information, we are barraged with short-form content like tweets, posts, blogs or news articles. Though all these are intended to provide the information to the audience very quickly and play an important role in creating the continuous contact points between the businesses and their groups of onlookers. In any case, where blogs, articles or social media posts are restricted to a couple of words or 140 characters, a podcast enables you to go further into your substance.

If we talk about the business specifically, not everyone has time to read a 2500 or 4000 words article. Instead of reading people prefer podcasts nowadays. An average blog post contains 700-1000 words and it takes 5 minutes to read. But an average podcast is around 30 minutes, which is equal to around six blog posts. It delivers more content to the audience in an easy way. You can listen to it during driving or walking. Above all, it's easy to create the content for a podcast as compare to the blog. You don't have to go through a number of revisions before sharing it with the public.

3. Easy to hold on the listeners

When someone listens to a podcast and finds it interesting, there's a good possibility that they listen to another episode. For example, if you love to speak on the political views, go ahead and speak. But not everyone likes to discuss or listen to the political views. So, the whole point here is to get the right audience for you and your business.
Well, exceptions are always there. Maybe your voice is just magical and someone loves to listen to your podcasts just for you.

4. Supporting your partners

An interview is the most common format for a podcast. Being the host of your own show, you can ask the successful people out there to join you as a guest. Taking advantage of your guest's expertise will help you to expand the information you provide to your listeners. It is going to be a great help to industry partners. If you ask someone to be your show's guest means you are contributing to the growth of their reach by giving them access to your audience. Similarly, if your guests promote the episode to their followers, you can also reach their audience. It will be beneficial for both of you as you'll get exposure. By considering them as a guest you may likewise develop a professional connection with them.

So while going through the reasons why you should start podcasting, if you made your mind to launch your own, here are a few steps you need to consider.

  • What's the purpose of your podcast? Choose what your targets are and think and note down the points that you can add to your episodes.
  • Choose a style that suits you. If you prefer other people to talk more, so invite some guests and show your interviewing abilities. On the chance that you're comfortable and viable bouncing thoughts off another person, get another person to host the show with you. Or you can do it solo or in the narrate like storytelling.
  • Creating a schedule will help to keep you on track. You can decide on how long you want your podcast episodes to last. Pick up a topic and do a lot of research about it. Record your jingles and introductions separately. Don't do it in a hurry. Give yourself a lot of time for recording and editing as well.
  • Find some interesting and different points on your topics to highlight your podcast.

Before launching your podcast, just remember, "To create something valuable, it takes lots of hard work, patience and practice." Don't ruin your show by making stupid mistakes in order to make the first few episodes perfect. Technically, the goal is to simply let your listeners know about you and your product. With this approach, you will be able to learn the process and improve your following episodes will be better.

When people tunes in to your podcast you've been turned into an "invited guest" all of a sudden within their home or office. It's kind of same like sitting opposite to the audience and having an up close and personal gathering with their full focus. Better believe it! That is truly amazing stuff.