Looking For A Job? Consider Podcasting As A Career Choice.

Published: 04 May 2019

Searching for a job is tough. I understand! Back to back interviews and waiting for the response from the employer is actually stressful. And if you have already left the job, with not enough savings, it becomes tough to survive. In that case, you should pick up an alternative to cover your expenses. You can go for a part-time job in nearby stores or look out for some online work.

How about podcasting?

Just when you're worried about your job, a podcast can be way too helpful. You can even earn from your podcast without having to go outside. Just be at home, be yourself. Above all, you don’t have to put up the makeup or worry about what to wear. You can record your podcast in your pajamas. Sounds funny, but that’s the truth.

Don't worry, you don't need to be a professional speaker to be a podcaster. As they say, "We learn from our mistakes." So when you'll start, you might make some mistakes. Learning from them and improving them will definitely lead you towards success.

Earning from podcasts:

The podcast market is growing, so are the monetization options. Nowadays brands choose to advertise through podcast ads because podcast ads have more reach. You can add your show in the list of premium shows and charge a legitimate amount from the listeners in the form of monthly subscriptions.
You can also sell services and sponsorships. Once you have a good number of audience, business owners will definitely approach you for advertising their product or sell the services.

Before anything else, note down few important things.


Blockchain For Podcasting

Podcast format: Picking up a right podcast format is very important. Copying others will only affect the quality of your content production. Maybe the other person is good at interview format but you’re good at storytelling. Without picking any random format, you should think calmly which format will suit you. Also, avoid keep changing your show formats.

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The basic requirements: A computer or smartphone, a good quality microphone and a website where you can publish your episode. Well, you also have to do some brainstorming to pick up a name and a topic on which you’ll speak.

Research: Well research is very important before starting anything. You must be sure about everything before you record and publish your very first episode. While choosing the podcast host, consider creating a list having multiple options. Compare the features and sort out the best one.

Because price matters: During your job hunting, don’t add any unnecessary expenses to the list. Don’t go for the high premium plans in the beginning unless you have enough money to manage things. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to end up by picking a not so good platform. Check out the free podcasting platforms with some good and meaningful features.

Important points you should keep in mind.

Just when I said Podcasting can be a good alternative, there’s another thing you must be aware of. Podcasting doesn’t mean you’ll start getting money as soon as you publish your first episode. You have to be patient and keep analyzing and improving yourself with each episode.

As a beginner, you might find it hard to gain the audience’s attention. If you don’t know how to increase your audience, read this: 7 Easy Tips To Increase Your Podcast Listeners

Believe me, once you start podcasting, you’ll enjoy it. You can even pick up podcasting as a full time earning source. All you need to do is consider the above-mentioned points. Don’t forget the power of social media. Promote your episodes and make people aware of your show.