Podcasts- Making The Education More Interesting And Better

Published: 17 May 2019

Podcasting has its own benefits for every individual. Some listen to the podcasts for entertainment purpose, while some others to gain some knowledge. Podcasts are changing the way we use to learn things. If we talk about the educational industry, students are adopting podcasts as a new way of learning. Here are a few benefits of podcasts that are contributing to the betterment of the education department.

Podcast Benefits For Students:


Easy to Consume

The very first advantage of learning through the podcast is- it's easy to consume. students don't need to open their textbooks and sit for an hour or two. You can easily consume the content anytime, anywhere.

Always Accessible

It's always easy to access a podcast. Even if you miss a lecture, you don't have to take the extra classes or go for tuitions. You can cover the topic by listening to the podcast anytime. Ask your teacher to create a list of archives so that you can revisit the podcasts anytime.

Skill Booster

For kids, word recognition is the most important part. Reading the words and listening to the same on the podcast will help kids to learn how to pronounce that particular word. It will be more interesting than just reading books. Also, learning through podcast will improve listening skills. It is also helpful for people learning English as a second language.

Increase the Concentration

Not all students love to read those heavy textbooks. Our mind always remembers the things that we hear rather than what we read. Listening to audio will help you to focus. You can listen to the audio again and again if you didn't understand when heard it for the first time.

Podcast Benefits For Teachers:


Create an archive for lessons

Delivering the lessons using podcast is a more efficient way of teaching. You or your students don't have to travel to a school or college or a tuition academy. You can just record the topic you want to teach and make it available for your students. You don't need to repeat the lesson to every batch.
With podcasting, you can prepare your lessons once, pre-record them and create an archive. If any of your students are unsure about any topic, he/she can access the podcast again and get their answers by listening to the audio. You can easily find the missing topic in the list of archives. It will save you during your sick days as you don't have to get up and go to the classes.

No screen is required

At present, when kids spend so much time either watching TV or playing video games or using smartphones, parents have become more careful about the amount of time their kid spend in front of the screen. Some schools have adopted the method of teaching through videos. Though it looks impressive and engaging for IT students, who are spending most of their time in front of the computer, it will have a bad effect on their eyes.
Providing podcast as an option which does not require a screen will be helpful for them. It will engage them without leaving any bad impact on their health.

Analyze your lesson delivery

Teaching through podcast requires audio recording. For teachers who find it a bit difficult to teach in class, a podcast is a good option. If you're reading from a script, don't read it with a monotone that sounds boring. Keep your voice natural. It will make your students feel connected and will ultimately increase the engagement. Every time you record a podcast, listen to it before making it available for your students. You will find out how efficiently you can teach and improve your skills with time.

Ditch the idea of learning lessons in a standard way, and adopt podcasting. It is a medium for creative learning. Also, creating and editing a podcast is much easier than a video.