Podcast Advertisement vs Digital Advertisement

Published: 05 June 2019

With the advancement in technology, the world is becoming more better. Digital media is taking over the traditional media in every field and contributing towards the growth. So in the case of advertisement. Advertisers prefer to advertise digitally. But with numerous pros of digital media, there comes some cons too and the biggest one is ad frauds.

What is ad fraud? What are bots? How they are affecting the general public? Are they harmful to business owners too? How to stop this?

That's not the end of the questions. The list is too long. Let’s discuss the advertisement frauds in detail. Here we go...

What is ad fraud?

In layman language, ad fraud is a scam. When a bad person (advertiser) fools some innocent good people (public) to put in their money for something that is worthless. As a result, the innocent person ends up losing their money. If we talk about the consumer's point of view, an ad fraud means that the value of the product or service is not the same as they first checked that particular product or service.


What are bots?

Bot or say internet bot or web robot is a software application that performs tasks over the internet, automatically. The tasks they perform might be simple or structurally repetitive. All of this is done at a very high rate which is not possible for a human. In the case of ads, the problem arises from the network of infected computers, called botnets. They imitate human activity, thus, becomes hard to catch as it seems like a real human is viewing the ad.

How digital advertising is affecting business owners?

According to a report, 49 big brands including Unilever, Mastercard, and Ford has also got into the trap. For a particular brand, around 9% of the ad viewers were robots which clearly means an average advertiser putting $10 million down on advertisement that no real people ever saw. Considering the worst case, the losses equal $42 Million.

These bots not just add views to the list but sometimes fake clicks on the ads. With the increasing demand for digital advertising, ad fraud is also growing.

Here comes the podcast advertisement

Podcast advertising is way cheaper than any other media. Being a business owner, you can easily deliver your ad to the relevant audience without spending too much and not to be surprised, your ad reach will be high. You can either record the ad yourself or hire a podcaster with a good number of audience to advertise for you. Pick the one who is most relevant for your business.

Podcasts are easier to reach. Unlike TV or print media ads where you have to sit for a while and focus on the screen or page, the audience can tune in to the podcast anytime maybe while driving or exercising or cooking.

So, the bottom line, digital media no matter is changing the world but has some disadvantages also. You need to be careful. For the advertisement, I suggest you go with the podcast advertising.

Happy podcasting and be safe from the ad frauds!