Podcasting With Podminers, An Advantage To The Startups

Published: 08 June 2019

You might be aware of the industry growth statistics. Since last 10 years, the number of podcast creators and listeners has increased. With the growth in the industry, the future of podcasting looks bright


How can we forget the problems that podcasters are facing?

The struggle for earning a few bucks from the content they produce or getting the fair and on time payments from the advertisers is really stressful and demotivating. The list of problems doesn't end here. Negative reviews from fake people hurt a podcaster's online reputation badly. The audience starts to scatter slowly.

Most of the time, the fake reviews are posted out of jealousy or to pull someone down from their position. Though it's not tough to catch the person adding fake reviews, thanks to technology. But explaining it to the public and getting the trust back is a tough job.

Next on the list is ad frauds. It's clear that these frauds occur due to automated bots. These bots not only fools the audience but cause great loss to the business owners.


We need to use technology to eliminate these serious issues from the podcast industry. And the technology that can be really helpful is blockchain technology.

Have you ever heard of blockchain based podcasting platform?

Well, PodMiners is!

Yes. PodMiners is a blockchain based digital radio and podcasting platform that allows creators and consumers to collaborate on the same place. PodMiners, by implementing the blockchain technology, has the power to cut down these serious issues.


An advantage to the startups

If you are entering into the business world, you obviously need capital. Whether you are starting a company, releasing a web series or a song or promoting your product or service through advertisement, you need a certain amount to put in.
PodMiners could be an advantage to this kind of startups. All you need to do is to create a channel and publish your content or if you just want to advertise, go for a podcaster of relevant niche.

If we talk about the music industry, releasing a song isn't tough if you have enough money to give away to the record companies. Many record companies don't bother to share the profit with the singers or writers if the song is a hit.

At PodMiners, the blockchain implementation eliminates this kind of problems, making it a better and transparent platform. The singers can directly launch their songs and the audience can help them financially by providing a tip. Now the question arises about licensing. Well, smart contracts will take care of that.

No matter in which field you are planning to enter with your business idea, a podcast would be way more helpful in every aspect. Product promotion or reaching out to the audience through the podcast is very beneficial, not just for startups but for well-established businesses too.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for PodMiners now!