Productive Methods of Usage of Podcasting Transcriptions and Videos

Published: 08 July 2019

Have you decided to enhance your exposure on Google by sharing the podcast and videos? Amazing as you’re on right track…

Now what? Now hire an ideal transcriptionist and get ready with the transcript. Now?

For different marketing purposes, the transcripts can be used in multiple ways. With one transcript only, you can utilize it for various projects and marketing methods to get the most value for your money! Here are only a couple of thoughts to enable you to get the most utilization out of it.

  • Uploading transcriptions on YouTube
  • Using as an article
  • Using as an article
  • EBook Compilation
  • Marketing Handouts usage

Uploading Transcriptions on YouTube

The transcribed video must be upload to the YouTube channel and the caption must be related to the transcription.

Using as an article

The transcription must be reader-friendly. It should be published on a famous and good website to get more exposure by both the readers and search engine. This transcription can also be used as a blog post and with it, the link of the audio or video can be added.

Another way, if your podcast is based on social cause, awareness or health, you can ask some social worker or maybe a medical person to help you create awareness. Such people will agree to record with you to increase social awareness without charging you any fees.

Publish it on Scribd

Scribd is a platform which allows users to publish their text and PDF files on the web to be available for Google as well. The transcripts can easily be uploaded on the platform which helps the content to be available instantly.

EBook Compilation

If you’re thinking to do a series of podcast or video of the same subject, then it’s easy to make an eBook of the transcribed files. The readers can take these books and there will not be any requirement of re-writing from scratch. Use a simple and effective way to share the content instantly.

Marketing Handouts usage

There are some business or content which can affect more in the voice from that is podcasting. It is, in today’s time, is being proved more effective than any other method of marketing.

The trend is being changed and now digital audio transcriptions can be used easily and efficiently. Only one transcription can be used in various forms. Putting your video or audio content on the paper is a compulsion as it helps to spread more and more in earlier times. But now, nobody has much time to read. So, the result is the growth of the podcast industry. Podcasting sector is increasing rapidly and will not stop at any time. So, follow the methods and produce more productive content.