Why Podminers For Your Podcasting Startup?

Published: 04 April 2019

With every beginning, you have to face some challenges. Starting your podcast also comes with lots of challenges and you need to work hard to overcome them. Before getting started you need to know where to start and you actually need to look for. Once you successfully figure it out, you'll find a new bundle of obstacles waiting for you to find solutions.

There might be someone who has already gone ahead of you by facing the same bundle of challenges that you are facing. The best part of starting your journey is you can learn from them by looking at their mistakes and save your time and money both. Here are some challenges that every new podcaster face. Read the article, grab the knowledge, apply it to your situation and you will eventually find out a way to handle these obstacles more efficiently.

Overcome the beginner's Inexperience

Every fresher has to deal with this situation being inexperienced. No matter, in which field you are working, you will make mistakes and eventually end up by learning new things. If you are doing something for the first time, you might be curious and have a few questions in your mind. It applies to all fields. When you are going to start as a podcaster, you'll make mistakes and learn from them. With time your inexperience will pass. You need to research the available resources that you need to get the required experience to make the podcasting an easy task. Your podcasting skills will continue to develop with each episode or each guest interview. Keep polishing your skills to get the long term results.

Organizing Recording Schedules

People often like to go on a podcasting trip with a partner. They team up with a person, having the same interest or in the same industry, as co-host. As they say, "Many hands make the work light."
This technique is good to draw a huge audience base. If you start your podcast with a co-host, you both will put your skills to make the podcast special and unique. Your efforts will be doubled making it stand up on the crowd.

Connecting to new listeners

This is one of the biggest challenges a podcaster has to face. Being visible and finding new techniques to attract new listeners is an obstacle. Since iTunes is not in the favor of viral-spread of the podcasts, many successful podcasts have been built of existing brands or individual brands of podcasters, who have a popular following as of now. Well, you can find the written content on the social media platforms in the form of transcript or show notes. Well-Written content can be a challenge to the audio content.


It is the biggest problem not even for the newbies but for experienced podcasters too. No matter on which topic your podcast is based, you need to make efforts to reach out to the maximum audience.

Here’s PodMiners for you!

PodMiners is a decentralized blockchain based platform with an ability to overcome all these issues.

Free from Ad frauds

With the continuous development of PodMiners platform, blockchain technology will be implemented soon. This will make the platform more secure, free from any kind of frauds. If we see the facts, the podcast ad spending is too much. The annual podcast ad spending was 43 Million USD in 2010 whereas, the number has been increased up to 256 million USD in 2018. The advertising industry is including chat bots very rapidly in order to generate more revenue. But not to forget the fact that these are just bots and cannot handle everything. As a result, these automated bots caused an economic loss of 7.2 million USD alone in 2017.

No interruption

PodMiners will make your podcasting experience great by cutting down all the third parties. Yes! There will be no interruption of the third party. The payments will be direct from the advertiser to the podcaster.

Monetizing your content

Many podcasters are doing extremely well in their fields by creating high-quality content. Despite their hard work, they are not getting paid for content quality. PodMiners enables the in show advertisement model that will help the users to flourish financially. But again there's a problem. Some advertisers delay the payments which make it hard for the podcaster to cover up their expenses. PodMiners will overcome this limitation too by creating a fair and open platform for all. Now, creators don't have to wait for weeks or months to receive their earnings. They will get paid instantly once they meet a few necessary requirements. The implementation of blockchain technology has made the micropayments possible.

One click publishing on multi-platforms

Publishing the episodes on multiple platforms, one by one is so much hassle. PodMiners has integrated the feature of auto-publishing the episodes on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube or many more with just one click. All you need to do is link your accounts to the PodMiners. It will increase your audience reach as well as discoverability. You can take advantage of the already existing audience of other podcasters. It is also called cross-promotion. Promoting your content this way will help you to grow your audience. The allows the interested audience to connect to you.