7 Easy Tips To Increase Your Podcast Listeners

Published: 16 April 2019

No doubt radio and podcast industry is doing great since last few years. But it seems like the content creators are still struggling to increase their audience. Devoting your time to grow the audience is as important as you planning and recording your podcast episodes. That doesn't mean it's a difficult task. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced podcaster, we are here to give you quick tips for increasing your listeners.

Ready to go? Let's begin!

Launching new episode

Creating an episode and publishing it is not enough. You need to promote every episode to engage more listener's. Relying on already existing audience will definitely work. Interact with the audience before launching the episode through facebook or instagram live and stories. Make your episode launch day, an exciting event. Try running countdown timer on your official digital channels.

Easily accessible

An easily accessible episode will definitely get more audience. So, make sure that your episode is easy to find. To make it more discoverable, promote it on every possible platform. Don’t forget to link the location where the episode can be downloaded.

Notify through email

If you are a blogger and getting good monthly traffic on blogs, you can draw this traffic to increase the reach of your podcast episodes as well. Create a list of your readers and notify them about your podcast episodes through email. Target the potential listeners as well as new people through email. Start creating your email list and let your listeners know about the latest updates like when you'll launch your next episode or when you'll go live etc.

Ask for feedback

Ask your listeners for feedback through comments or email, will make them feel more connected. In this way you’ll also come to know about the improvements you need to make. Ask the listeners to provide an honest opinion about recently published episode. Don’t worry about the negative feedback. In fact, take it as an opportunity to learn new things and improve yourself. You can also go live on your instagram or facebook account and connect with the listeners. Ask them to provide you some ideas or tips for your upcoming episodes.


Collaborating with someone is an ideal way to increase your audience. Taking advantage of others audience will definitely help you to grow your own. Though it's good to collaborate with the people in same field but going with different taste will also help.

Go for SEO

Follow the SEO rules to make your show visible on Google. To achieve a good ranking on Google, use the right keywords, title and descriptions. Optimize your show for the search engines by including target keywords in your title and description.

Hold contests

Hosting contests and offering prizes to the winners creates interest among the audience. It will be like a competition which they would definitely like to win. You can also offer rewards for comments, reviews.


When you publish your episode, set a schedule for the next. Make sure you follow the committed time and complete your episode on time.