Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) with PodMiners

Published: 17 April 2019

With the evolution in technology, everything is becoming more advanced. Digitization has touched every field. Talking about the radio and podcast industry, digital radio is taking over the traditional ways of playing the audio. Digital radio allows you to enjoy various advanced features. If you're a kind of person who love to create a playlist of your favorite content instead of setting up the player on shuffle, digital radio is the answer.

Yes! A digital radio, just like your television, radio is becoming digital. At present, there are numerous digital radio broadcasting stations around the world. Before moving forward let's first know about digital radio broadcasting.

Digital Radio Broadcasting

We all have been enjoying AM and FM radio broadcasts for years. But with time, technology evolved and DAB (Digital Radio Broadcasting) is introduced with various advantages. Nationwide coverage is the biggest advantage. No manual retuning is required as it automatically tune to all available stations. Being highly efficient, digital radio allows more data transmission in the same spectrum. Content creators can easily cram more stations into the same space. It creates better choices for listeners.

Listeners love the audio which is clear and without any interference. With digital radio the transmission is absolutely free from any hissing and crackling noises that occurs in FM radio.

Introducing PodMiners

Integrating these features, and implementing the blockchain technology, here we are introducing the brand new digital audio broadcasting platform- PodMiners. It works well with blockchain technology by covering up the major industry problems.

No doubt some people still love to tune in the traditional battery operated radio every morning. During the last decade, there's a major transformation in the radio industry. People are loving digital radio as there is more content available. PodMiners is a decentralized platform adding more features to the list to make your podcasting and radio experience more fun. Above all the the platform is free! Yes! That’s true. PodMiners is free. This will create a competition among content creators to create more high quality content. Listeners will get to enjoy more variety.

Why you should switch to PodMiners?

PodMiners is an advanced digital radio and podcast platform where you will get completely different experience. This decentralized platform allows you to live stream or publish your pre recorded episode without any hassle. Features like adding cover art, show/episode description, content creator's profile information etc. makes the profile really cool. The advanced features allows you to make/receive the calls during the show and pause the live show and resume form where you have left.

Let’s discuss all the features in detail.

Your personal profile

Want people to know more about you? Not a hassle. Your profile says it all. Create a cool decent profile by adding a profile picture and few words description about yourself. Profile creation option is available for both content creator as well as listener.

It’s easy to create your show

Let me tell you a secret advantage of radio. You don’t have to put makeup or make any efforts to look cool. You can host your show while sitting comfortably on your bed or couch in night suit and with messy hair.
Sounds cool, right?
Well that’s true!
But on a serious note, if you love talking and sharing your experiences, believe me this platform is for you. Signup and create your show. Creating a show is as easy as signing in to an already created account.

Go live

You should experience everything in life. Try live streaming.
You must be thinking how you can do this without any editing. Right?
Well, Live streaming seems more realistic. It makes the audience feel a connect with the host. It’s not that much hassle task. Just close your eyes think about the topic on which you can speak like a pro and go live. Don't worry about anything else. You can listen to the episode later and analyze how it was. Tell your audience that this is your first live show and ask them to give you some tips for next time.

Record and publish

If you are nervous and don't want to go live as you have a fear of making mistakes, you can pre-record the audio and make the necessary editing’s before publishing it. But keep one thing in mind, don't edit too much. Let it be a bit realistic.

Scheduling episodes

It's not possible every time to login the account and publishing the episode on accurate show time. There are numerous reasons for this, may be your internet is not working properly or you forgot to check the time, or maybe you are busy with some other stuff and can't make it up. Well, we can't do anything about your internet speed but we can surely provide you with a better solution. We believe in punctuality, hence, provided the feature to schedule the episodes. You can now record the audio and schedule it at your regular show time. Spend time with your family or plan a trip with your friends without worrying about show.

Live calling

You can connect with your listeners and talk to them all in real time. PodMiners has provided the in show calling capabilities. You will get a number using which your listeners can connect with you. Don't worry about call handling, it's very easy.


How about getting detailed insights of your each episode?
If you have operated a page on Facebook, you might have seen the insights like post reach, engagement, likes, shares, comments etc.
Those who have operated a Facebook page must be aware of insights. We have added the detailed analytics feature to the PodMiners platform. It will help you check the detailed analytics of each episode. From likes, comments to downloads and audience, you can track everything.

Well! That’s not the end of the story. If you have your own website, you can embed the media player on it. Not just the media player but you can also add download and subscribe buttons. Listeners will get all the latest updates by subscribing the show through email, iTunes and RSS feed.