Things You Should Expect From Your Internet Radio Station

Published: 19 April 2019

Made up your mind to start your own online radio station?

Got all the necessary requirements fulfilled?

But before making your podcast available for listeners, make sure the service provider you have picked up is good. Here are a few important things you should expect from your internet radio station.

Price matters!

Check the pricing before starting. We suggest you go with the one providing free internet radio. Don’t compromise with the quality. Though it’s not bad to pick up one providing premium services, going for premium plans, in the beginning, isn’t wise. You should pick up the one providing the best features free of charge and focus on creating high-quality content and increasing the audience. Later you can pick a premium plan to access more features.

Create Content and Earn

Content monetization is the major concern in radio and podcast industry. Before moving forward, check if there’s an option of monetizing your content. No doubt some people love to speak and sharing knowledge with everyone out of their passion and don’t bother much about the earnings. They start broadcasting because they love to do so. But every story is not the same.

Some people pick podcasting to get some extra earnings. Many housewives feel that podcasting is a great way to utilize free time. If you are one of these people, I suggest you go with the one providing better options to monetize your content. The options may include in show advertisement, premium content, etc. I would love to add; before making your content premium, make sure you have enough genuine followers who desperately wait for your show episodes.

Upload a Pre Recorded Show or Go Live

Though live streaming is a good option, it makes your audience feel closer and connected but it’s not possible to go live every day. So you must check if the online radio you are picking up allows broadcasting the pre-recorded shows. Not just that, you should also check if you can schedule your next episodes in advance, just in case you are not available for the live show.

Catching the audience’s attention

Creating a podcast isn’t enough. You need to increase your audience too.
Everyone knows the power of social media. As much as your content is distributed over various social media platforms, more people will know about you. And if you are creating good content, your audience will play a major role in making it a hit.

How your show is performing?

Last but not least, analytics should be there. With this, you’ll get the in-depth details of how your show is performing. Though you’ll find various plans, maybe free or premium, for the analytics. But you should go for the one providing maximum details. Not just this, you should also check the pricing. Picking up a service provider offering more detailed analytics at high prices might be a deal of loss. So think and analyze before you buy a plan.

So, these were a few important points you should consider while picking up any random internet radio station for your podcast. Before making your first episode live, ensure you have created enough episodes as a backup. Happy podcasting!