Start Your Own Radio Show With Podminers, For Free!

Published: 20 April 2019

"Start your personal radio station."

You must be thinking that this is for the professional radio jockeys. But let me correct you. With PodMiners, anyone can have their own personal radio station.

Yes! That's true.

"Wait! If I'll start my radio show I have to go to the studio daily and I'm not professional at all. How I will manage all this?"

You don't have to go anywhere, neither you have to be a professional speaker. Just sit at home and enjoy your new journey as a radio jockey.

But before you start, check what you need to create a podcast.

The basic requirements

You don’t need any special hardware equipment for podcasting. Count it as an advantage.
The very basic things you need are a computer/smartphone, a good internet connection, a good quality microphone and a topic on which you can comfortably speak for hours. You might feel the need for an audio editor.

The name says it all!

Name is very important. Do some brainstorming to find out a catchy name for your show. Forget the keywords and pick up creativity. You can go through the idioms and phrases for reference. Shortlist the names and check if the domain is available for the selected names.

Service provider

Once you are done with the above basic requirements, the very next thing you need to find is a service provider that allows you to broadcast your recorded content live. If you go to Google, you’ll find numerous providers with various features and pricing. But before going ahead without getting confused, figure out your expectations from your online radio station.

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One stop solution - PodMiners!

Keeping the user expectations and existing industry problem in mind, PodMiners is launching its own internet radio and podcasting platform. It will create opportunities for content creators and listeners to come together and collaborate on the same platform. PodMiners is being developed on top of blockchain technology, making the ecosystem secure and transparent.

Well! The great thing is it’s free.

You don’t have to buy any plan or pay any fee for creating your show. All you need to do is grab all the necessary things, record your episode and publish it on PodMiners by creating your profile. Publishing an episode is as easy as uploading pictures on social media channels. Not just that, You can check detailed analytics for every episode.

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