Live Streaming

Go live, tell your story and build you community. Your live show will be recorded and saved on website. You can share it across other platforms, later.


Interact With Audience

Listeners are like backbone of the host. Podminers' live calling capabilities allows you to get in touch with your audience during the live show.

Discover Valuable Insights

See the insights of your pre recorded as well as live shows. The detailed analytics allows you to track the performance of your episodes over time.

Embed Anywhere

With advanced features, PodMiners allows hosts to embed the media player on to their website or anywhere they want.


Unable to post your episode on regular time? No worries! PodMiners allows you to schedule your episodes anytime, anywhere!


One Click Publishing

Distribute your podcasts, effortlessly, across every major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and many more with just one click.


Hey all the listeners out there, you can subscribe through iTunes, RSS feed and email subscription to get notified about your favorite shows.

Join and Rock the show!