Episode 3 - Street Art and Street Artists with a message

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Welcome to Arty Anglais. The Podcast where we talk about everything art and culture related to help you learn English naturally. This is a resource to help you learn English naturally without just talking about the rules of grammar. I talk clearly and it's easy to follow with our transcript. I talk about relevant subjects including modern art, culture and society. I talk about lots of things including types of art, artists, styles, techniques, personal development, what makes something art, different books you might be interested in reading etc. In today's Podcast, I am going to share with you three different Street Artists I like. These Street Artists use their work to spread an important message around the world. I also talk to a Street Art lover about what she thinks about their work. You can find the transcript here: https://www.artyanglais.com/post/street-artists-making-a-big-impact-around-the-world


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