Episode 4 - What makes something art?

English | Arts

Welcome to Episode 4. This week's podcast is all about ‘What makes something art.’ In this podcast, I use a lot of examples of language that you might use when you’re expressing an opinion. We call this functional language. I asked a lot of people to tell me what they thought and I got some great responses. You’ll also be able to see many examples of when to use ‘say’ (present tense) or when to use ‘said’ (past tense) and tell (present) or told (past tense). It is very common and normal to confused these when you’re first learning English. Sometimes it’s also confusing to know when to say ‘say’ or ‘tell. Because they have similar meanings. A good way to know when to use each is to remember that somebody says something, but somebody tells someone something. So today, I’ll be ‘telling’ you all about the things that were said to me when I asked - ‘What makes something Art?’ You can find the transcript for the episode on my website. www.artyanglais.com/podcast info@artyanglais.com


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