Episode 8 - Story Telling with Pixar and why animations are not just for kids

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Welcome to Episode 8 of the Arty Anglais Podcast. The Podcast where we talk about Art, Culture and Society to help you learn English naturally. I love storytelling and Pixar and with the release of the latest Toy Story film, number 4, I'm going to talk today about Pixar and storytelling and why I think animations are not just for children. In this episode I will talk about: The History of Pixar and where it all started Pixars 22 rules for storytelling and 6 of my favourite My favourite Pixar movies and why I like them How you can use the 22 rules to create your own story I am also going to talk about one other animation company who is making big animation films today and they are based in Paris in France. In this episode I have made a number of activities and comprehension activities using some Pixar short films and Trailers. You can find the transcript for today's episode: https://www.artyanglais.com/post/episode-8-story-telling-with-pixar-and-why-animation-isn-t-just-for-children


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