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'Podcrastination', and how to deal with it!



More from the inspiration (bus) station, from Carl Munson of The Podcast Gym. Basically: ***Start ... keep going ... repeat***

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Introducing The Podcast Gym



Let's face it, online podcasting guides and courses are usually BORING! Loads of text, some of it useful - if you can be bothered or brave enough to try it. And so, so subjective. And so often geeky and nerdy too. To me, the best way to learn, is to get cracking and try it, rather than read about it for hours and invest in a load of gear, based on someone else's preferences, who may have entirely different needs and tastes to you. Sure, research for hours, even years, if you want to fly planes or operate on brains, but this is podcasting and the only life at risk is yours - wasted reading endless blogs and guides, when you could be having fun, actually learning through experience. Basically, it's easy be in that 'all the gear, but no idea' situation, as in no tried and tested ideas of your own, and a load of shiny kit better suited to someone else's requirements and affiliate programme. Five paragraphs in and I'm falling in to that same wordy trap! So let me commend to you my 'podcast gym', where the emphasis is on practice, support, community and ultimately a showcase for your product and progress. Join my ongoing programme, and I'll get you podcasting immediately and thereafter support you to get into a regular rhythm, giving you the help you need - when you need it - turning your ideas into reality, in the most efficient, fun and fulfilling way. Book a call with me, let's talk it through, let's get you podcasting (-: This is a new home for my podcasting training and support service as well as a showcase, surgery and community for all podcasters. It will give special attention to those creators who are engaged in transformational projects, seeking to develop their world or themselves, in a positive way. Message me if you want to join The Podcast Gym and develop the perfect 'pod bod' with me - The 'Pod Father' (-:

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